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Somerset Catalog


2012 - 2016


Somerset Catalog is a bubble gum doom pop outfit from Denver, Colorado. Somerset Catalog is Matt Grizzell, Georgina Guidotti, John Kuker, Brigid McAuliffe, Bryce Merrill, and Trevor Trumble. Band members are also in Denver-based Poet's Row (Grizzell) and The Big Get Even (Guidotti). Previous bands include Bela Karoli (McAuliffe), Everything Absent or Distorted (Kuker, Trumble, Merrill), Instant Empire (Grizzell), and Rabbit is a Sphere and The Denver Gentlemen (Guidotti). Band members (Kuker, Merrill, McAuliffe, Trumble) are also co-owners of Misra Records, the Dayton-based label with releases by Phosphorescent, Destroyer, Great Lakes Swimmers, Shearwater, and Centro-matic, among others.

photo by brigid mcauliffe

Bela Karoli


2006 - 2009


This unorthodox trio combines an upright bass, mechanical electronic percussion, two women singing, violin, accordion and keys to produce music undefined by genre. Bela Karoli swelled from a solo project to a quartet when Julie Davis (bass, soft instruments, vocals) began playing with Brigid McAuliffe (accordion, vocals), Carrie Beeder (violin and cello) and James Han (keys) in the summer of 2006. Bela Karoli’s music has been described as nakedly beautiful, gorgeously affected, stunning and emotionally resonant, but most listeners agree that it’s hard to classify the band’s compelling mix of modern electronica with old-world acoustic music.

photo by brigid mcauliffe

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