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Brigid McAuliffe is a documentary artist, and social practice educator. She uses a variety of methods in her work and teaching (photography, writing, video, audio, animation, ceramics). She facilitates workshops to diverse communities using participatory methods to craft and share authentic narratives. She sees art and technology as transformative, enriching lives, fostering deeper connections, and strengthening communities. She’s the director and co-founder of Picture Me Here, a participatory digital storytelling program for refugees and immigrants in the US. She has taught art and digital media at the university and community levels and consults with nonprofits, businesses, and foundations on using digital technologies for effective communication. She has a MFA in Emerging Digital Practice from the University of Denver and a BFA in Photography from Colorado State University. She has exhibited her work internationally and curated Picture Me Here exhibits in the US and Nepal. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, hiking, and singing/playing music with friends.


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