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Teaching in the Beldangi II Refugee Camp


I've worked with diverse groups of students in community education, expeditionary learning and universities. 


I'm the director and cofounder of Picture Me Here,

a participatory, digital storytelling program for refugees in Denver and Aurora. We empower participants to explore their new surroundings, share their resettlement experiences, and also their personal history, while learning valuable technical & English skills. Our classes and exhibits offer opportunities to connect with family, new neighbors & people outside of their immediate community. 


I’ve taught various media and digital storytelling courses as a visiting professor at Indiana University South Bend, an adjunct faculty at University of Colorado Denver, University of Denver, and Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and as a co-facilitator for Story Center (Center for Digital Storytelling).


Recently, I worked as a community media specialist for the Piton Foundation’s Children’s Corridor Initiative where I was not only behind the camera but also training community organizers and residents how to tell their own stories using simple digital tools.






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